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Crackerjack Industries boasts a wide range of heaters to suit your individual requirements.
We can offer a range of LPG and electric heaters to the industrial, domestic market as well as the specialist heaters needed in the restaurant industry.

Our range of Patio heaters have been sold to the Hire Industries, a tribute to the quality of the Stainless Steel construction and the internal components used. The Ultra-Mate is rated at 50Mj heat output, with the Ultra-Buddy rated at 47Mj, both available in LPG.

This series of heaters the glowing tiles or 'biscuits' to give out a radiant heat.
Starting with the smallest in the range, the two biscuit (16Mj) we then offer the three biscuit (24Mj) and up to the five biscuit (40Mj) and the six biscuit (48Mj).
The heaters are referred to as a 'Flexi-Ray', when the heater head is mounted on its own freestanding trolley and an 'Super-Ray' when the head only is mounted to a wall.
The Flexi-Ray trolley is designed to carry a 45KG LPG gas bottle (not include) and comes complete with chain restraint to hold the LPG bottle and wheels to move the heater to the best location.
The Super-Rays are designed to be mounted to the wall and are available in LPG or Natural Gas versions as well as Piezo Ignition (Manual Start) or Electric Start.

We can offer you expert advice to assist in your heater quantity and placements as well as compliance with regulations regarding the safe installation of LPG heaters.

The space heaters is used when you need to warm a large area such as a warehouse, rather than an individual work station. The space heater has a large gas ring fire inside the body tube which is fan forced out the front of the heater by using a 240v electric fan. The fan is built into the rear of the heater and draws in cool air and pushes it through the gas fire sending out large volumes of heated air in to the area. The Space heater continues to circulate the air, warming the cooler ground air and forcing out large volumes of hot air.
We will assist you in choosing the correct space heater to suit your warehouse size.

New to the market is the Helios, Halogen Heater. This heater uses a 2 KW Halogen tube to give off a safe heat. The heater can be used in some situations where you cannot fit a Gas heater due to height restrictions and flammable surfaces.
The Helios gives off Infra Red Rays which heat the object rather than the air. This makes the Helios Heater of special interest to 'Alfresco' seating as the heat is not dissipated by a breeze. With the low heat emission from the top of the heater, the heater can be fitted under large market umbrellas and sail cloth to create a unique heating system with the beauty of the warm orange glow of the heater.

When sizing the heater needs of your factory, you can use the following as a guide.
Take the length x the width x the height of your factory in either feet or meters. This will give you the cube or volume. If you have measured in meters, multiply by 35.315 to covert to cubic feet. Now multiply by a factor of four (if roller doors are down) to a maximum factor of eight (if the roller doors are up). This final figure is a guide to how many BTU's (British Thermal Units) the heater must be to make a difference to the overall factory temperature.

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