crackerjack Industries

Crackerjack Industries

Industrial compactors

  • Can be used for common open top containers of up to 7 metres total length.

  • Pre-crushing and compacting of large, bulky materials.

  • Drum equipped with highly wear and tear resistant teeth.
  • Considerable disposal cost savings due to volume reduction, i.e. up to 80% when packing pallets.

  • Easy to maintain and to operate. A long service life is obtained through the particularly sturdy design of the joints.

  • Special protection of the hydraulic pressure hoses by being mounted inside.

  • Standard machine equipped with oil cooler.
Blue Compactor
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Technical Specification:

Required Space :

Drum Weight:
Total Weight:
Drum Width:
Diameter of Drum:
Electrical Data:

2000 mm +
length of container

H = 2500 mm
L = 7000 mm
W = 2550 mm
1350 kg
3600 kg
1750 kg
1200 mm
5,5 kw
230/400 V - 50 Hz
32 amps.
Cee Connection
Right hand rotating field
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