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The team at Crackerjack Industries will be happy to view your entire heat problem at no charge, [within the Sydney region] to help you with the best positions and installation of the fans plus advise on other ventilation products to give a more complete package.

Wind Powered Ventilation:

The installation of wind powered industrial roof ventilators can be complemented with the use of fans.  These wind powered roof vents will provide an outlet for the hot stale air and fumes that are trapped under the roof. This raft of hot stale air will eventually envelop your workers, making them feel tired and lethargic. The addition of ventilators can introduce clean fresh air from outside, creating a safer and more productive working environment. 

Powered Extraction:

Excessive Heat: Blue Welding Haze: Fine Airborne Dust: Strong Fumes: Steam

When the situation calls for more than the effect that wind powered or natural ventilation can provide, we can sort your problems using 'powered ventilation'. From our extensive range of axial fans, we can select a fan or multiple fans to suit your application. Our range of fans start at 250mm(10") and continue to 305mm(12"), 380mm(15"), 460mm (18"), 610mm (24"), 760mm (30"), and 915mm (36").

Within the majority of sizes, there is a further selection of voltage,
415V (three phase) or 240V (single phase) as well as motor speeds. Motor speeds are 2 Pole (2,800 RPM), 4 Pole (1,400 RPM), 6 Pole (920 RPM) and 8 Pole (720 RPM).

The motor speed and the fan size will give a wide variance of noise levels versus air extraction rates.

We can extract from a low 306 Litres per second (650 CFM) up to a massive 7,786 L/S (16,500CFM). Noise levels start at a quiet 45dB up to 83dB.

extraction fans can be wall mounted or we can roof mount them with a 'turn over cowl' discharge.

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